Third Thursday at 7PM, unless otherwise stated. Monthly Meeting at the Greenbelt Community Center, 15 Crescent Road Greenbelt, MD 20770

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Who We Are

People to people working for change

The Prince George’s Peace & Justice Coalition is a member of the Maryland Peace Action Network.  The focus of the organization is legislative and educational; MPA focuses on de-escalating nuclear war.

Working with the Bill of Rights Defense Coalition

Member of Peace Action

Joining with Broader-Horizons/Counter-Recruiting Prince George’s County

Help broaden the horizons of Prince George’s County youth beyond those presented by military recruiters. Our Peace & Justice Coalition, Prince George’s County, invites the community to help make sure all its young people understand that today’s military is probably not their best ticket to a great future.  We have begun this campaign from a concern that military recruiters can too easily sway our youth with half-truths, put forth via manipulative, high-pressure approaches.

We know recruiters rank high on their target lists our many local youth from minority groups and low-income families; the ones most prone to an economic draft.  We suspect that students who aren’t top scholars or star athletes seldom hear much about other options for funding college or career training. But it lies in our power to end this form of discrimination!


Contact us:
Lucy Duff, 301.577.2350